How I'm using DALL-E-2 Outpainting Feature

Using out painting feature on stock illustration for mockups

DALLE-2's outpainting feature is an interesting one that I think could be particularly interesting for UX designers using Unsplash or other open-source illustrations. Here's an example of how I used it:

I needed to create a mock of this husky running in the street. I found an illustration that matched the background I wanted for this screen, however the dimensions were off.

I save the background image and log into DALLE-2 - and I am prompted to crop the image.

Then I can choose where to generate the new frame

In the prompt I type what I want to be created - so I typed in "street", and DALLE generates a set of images for me to choose

I think this is a super helpful tool though it takes a bit of time. There is a bit of trial and error with what text to use (here, I just wrote "street" and got fairly lucky). Here are some that didn't work:

I think this tool can be very useful for designers who can't hire an illustrator, a photo editor, or have the time to create an artifact that doesn't have to be the highest quality, but gets the message across.